Sunday, April 15, 2012


About Us "Family Concept"

Leaded by Haziq Asyaraf as the head of the organisation,he came up with a new approach to the organisation. As prefects will be working cooperatively,he build up a concept, “Prefects Family” to ensure the bonds between prefects themselves are closed together. But this isn’t easy. He got aids from his companion,Syahirah. As a ‘father’ and ‘mother’ to the ‘family’,both of them have their responsibilities. And the ‘elder brothers’, Shabirin and Harundin plus the ‘elder sisters’,Atieyyah and Sopiyah  help their ‘parents’ to lessen their burden.
Every members of the ‘family’ are known as ‘childrens’ . To make the ‘daily chores’ are more efficient and systematic,division of tasks are done. Every different ‘chores’ have their chieves. There are 7 division of tasks, the Academy, Recreation, Multimedia, Discipline, Cleanliness, Protocal and Charity.